Editing & Translations

Blue Arrow Russian Financial Translation Services
High Quality Russian Financial Translation Services for Financial Documents, Statements, Annual Reports, Business Plans, Balance Sheets, etc. - from US$0.07 per word
Supplier: Russian-Translation.RU
0.07 EUR  
Personal Translations
Russian translation services for personal correspondence. Fast and confidential translation of your e-mail correspondence, handwritten & dating letters - only US$0.04 per word
Supplier: Russian-Translation.RU
0.04 EUR  
Russian Business Translation Services
Accurate Russian translation of Contracts, Presentations, Bids & Tenders, Emails, Human Resource Documents, Articles & Reports - from $0.07 USD per word
Supplier: Russian-Translation.RU
0.07 EUR  
Russian Certified Document Translation Services
Any form, single page writing, CIS document, questionnaire, etc., for pricing purposes, regardless of the number of words, is considered an individual page. The price for translation of typical document like passport, diploma, divorce decree, birth, death or marriage certificate is $12.00 USD per document. The price for translation of other documents depends on their sizes and word count. Please, send them to us to get the exact quote within 30-60 minutes.
Supplier: Russian-Translation.RU
12.00 EUR  
Russian Document Translation Services
ast Certified Russian Translation of birth, death and marriage certificates, diplomas and transcripts, passports, driver's licenses - from $15.00 USD per document
Supplier: Russian-Translation.RU
15.00 EUR  
Russian Technical Translation Services
Professional Russian Translation of Manuals, Architectural, Engineering & CAD Drawings, HVAC & Circuit diagrams, Equipment Location Plans, etc. - from $0.07 USD per word
Supplier: Russian-Translation.RU
0.07 EUR  
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